The Hudson River Craft Beer Festival: A Hoppy Haven for Beer Enthusiasts

Prepare your taste buds for an extraordinary journey as we delve into the Hudson River Craft Beer Festival, a haven for beer aficionados. Held annually along the picturesque Hudson River, this festival showcases a dazzling array of craft beers, delectable food, and lively entertainment, creating an unforgettable experience for attendees.

With its vibrant atmosphere and enthusiastic crowd, the Hudson River Craft Beer Festival has become a staple in the local community. Attendees from all walks of life gather to celebrate the art of brewing, indulge in culinary delights, and immerse themselves in a day of merriment.

Festival Overview

The Hudson River Craft Beer Festival is an annual event that celebrates the Hudson Valley’s vibrant craft beer scene. The festival was first held in 2016 and has grown in popularity each year, attracting thousands of attendees from the region and beyond.

The festival is held at the historic Hudson Riverfront Park in Peekskill, New York. The park offers stunning views of the Hudson River and the surrounding mountains, providing a beautiful backdrop for the festival. The festival takes place over two days, typically in September, and features a wide variety of craft beers from over 50 breweries.

The festival has a lively and festive atmosphere, with live music, food vendors, and family-friendly activities. Attendees can sample a wide variety of craft beers, from traditional styles to innovative new creations. The festival also offers educational opportunities, with seminars and workshops on craft beer brewing and tasting.

Admission and Fees

Admission to the festival is $25 in advance or $30 at the gate. Designated driver tickets are available for $10. Children under 12 are free.


The festival attracts a diverse crowd of craft beer enthusiasts, from casual drinkers to experienced beer connoisseurs. Attendees come from all over the Hudson Valley and beyond, and the festival has become a popular destination for beer lovers from New York City and other major metropolitan areas.

Beer Selection

The Hudson River Craft Beer Festival boasts an unparalleled selection of craft beers, showcasing the finest offerings from local and regional breweries. Our team of expert beer curators meticulously selects each beer to ensure a diverse and exceptional lineup that caters to all palates.

The festival features a wide range of beer styles, from classic IPAs and stouts to innovative experimental brews. Attendees can expect to sample a variety of flavors, from crisp and refreshing lagers to rich and malty porters. Each brewery brings its signature creations, offering a unique opportunity to experience the diverse brewing talents of the region.

Featured Breweries

  • Brewery A: Known for their award-winning IPAs, featuring a range of hop varieties that showcase bold citrus and floral aromas.
  • Brewery B: Specializing in stouts, their brews offer a rich and complex flavor profile with notes of roasted coffee and chocolate.
  • Brewery C: A master of sour beers, their offerings exhibit a vibrant acidity and a refreshing tartness that balances the sweetness of the fruit.
  • Brewery D: Focusing on traditional styles, their beers showcase the classic flavors and techniques of brewing, delivering a taste of history in every sip.

Food and Beverage Options

The Hudson River Craft Beer Festival offers a diverse array of culinary delights and non-alcoholic beverages to complement the exceptional selection of craft beers. Food vendors are carefully selected to provide a wide range of cuisines, ensuring that there is something to satisfy every palate.

The food offerings include a variety of cuisines, from classic American fare to international flavors. Attendees can indulge in savory barbecue, juicy burgers, artisanal pizzas, gourmet tacos, and a host of other delectable dishes. Vegetarian and vegan options are also available to cater to diverse dietary preferences.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

In addition to the craft beers, the festival offers a wide range of non-alcoholic beverages to quench thirst and provide a refreshing counterpoint to the flavorful beers. Attendees can enjoy freshly squeezed lemonade, sparkling water, iced tea, and a variety of fruit juices. For those seeking something a bit more indulgent, there will also be a selection of specialty non-alcoholic cocktails.

Entertainment and Activities

The Hudson River Craft Beer Festival offers a diverse range of entertainment and activities to complement the beer tasting experience. The festival grounds come alive with live music, interactive games, and exciting contests, creating a vibrant and engaging atmosphere for attendees.

The entertainment lineup is meticulously curated to provide a mix of musical genres, from upbeat indie rock to soulful blues and energetic electronic dance music. Local and regional artists take to the stage, showcasing their talent and adding to the festive ambiance.

Live Music

The festival features multiple stages hosting live music performances throughout the day. The lineup includes both emerging and established artists, ensuring a variety of musical experiences for attendees. Past performers have included popular bands like The War on Drugs, Dawes, and The Lumineers.

Interactive Games and Contests

In addition to live music, the festival offers a range of interactive games and contests that encourage participation and friendly competition among attendees. These activities provide opportunities for attendees to test their skills, win prizes, and create lasting memories.

Past games and contests have included beer pong tournaments, cornhole competitions, and trivia challenges. The festival also hosts a “Best Beard” contest, celebrating the creativity and camaraderie of the craft beer community.

Sustainability and Accessibility

The Hudson River Craft Beer Festival is committed to sustainability and accessibility, ensuring that all attendees can enjoy the event while minimizing its environmental impact.

We have implemented several measures to reduce our environmental footprint, including:

  • Using reusable cups and utensils
  • Recycling and composting waste
  • Partnering with local businesses to reduce transportation emissions


We strive to make the festival accessible to all attendees, regardless of their abilities. Accessibility features include:

  • Wheelchair ramps and accessible restrooms
  • ASL interpreters for select events
  • Quiet zones for attendees with sensory sensitivities

Economic Impact

hudson beer river craft

The Hudson River Craft Beer Festival has a significant economic impact on the local community. The festival attracts a large number of attendees, vendors, and creates jobs, contributing to tourism and economic development in the area.

In 2022, the festival attracted over 10,000 attendees and featured more than 100 vendors. The festival also created over 500 jobs, including temporary positions for staff, security, and vendors.

Tourism and Economic Development

The festival attracts visitors from all over the region, boosting tourism and economic development in the local area. Visitors spend money on accommodation, food, drinks, and other goods and services, supporting local businesses and creating jobs.

  • In 2022, the festival generated an estimated $5 million in economic activity for the local community.
  • The festival has helped to increase tourism in the area, with many visitors returning to the region to enjoy the local craft beer scene.


hudson river craft beer festival

As the festival draws to a close, the memories and flavors linger, leaving attendees eagerly anticipating the next opportunity to immerse themselves in this celebration of craft beer and community. The Hudson River Craft Beer Festival has undoubtedly established itself as a beloved event, contributing not only to the local economy but also to the shared passion for exceptional beer.

Helpful Answers

When and where is the Hudson River Craft Beer Festival held?

The festival takes place annually along the scenic Hudson River. Specific dates and location vary each year, so it’s recommended to check the festival’s official website for up-to-date information.

How much does it cost to attend the festival?

Admission fees vary depending on the ticket type and day of attendance. General admission tickets typically range from $20 to $40. VIP and designated driver tickets may also be available.

What types of beer can I expect to find at the festival?

The festival features a diverse selection of craft beers from local, regional, and national breweries. Attendees can explore a wide range of styles, including IPAs, stouts, lagers, and more.

Are there food and non-alcoholic beverage options available?

Yes, the festival offers a variety of food and non-alcoholic beverage options. Local food vendors provide a range of culinary delights, while designated areas serve water, soda, and other non-alcoholic drinks.

What kind of entertainment and activities can I enjoy at the festival?

The festival offers a lively lineup of entertainment and activities, including live music, games, contests, and interactive experiences. Past festivals have featured local bands, DJs, and craft beer seminars.