Make a Delicious ‘Resepi Pindang Ikan Tenggiri’ With This Easy Guide

Get ready to embark on a culinary adventure with our comprehensive guide to making ‘Resepi Pindang Ikan Tenggiri.’ This traditional Indonesian dish tantalizes taste buds with its savory and aromatic flavors. Whether you’re a seasoned cook or just starting your kitchen escapades, we’ve got you covered with a step-by-step guide and insider tips to create a mouthwatering dish that will impress your family and friends.

In this guide, we’ll explore the secrets of preparing ‘Resepi Pindang Ikan Tenggiri,’ providing you with all the essential ingredients, detailed instructions, and helpful variations to customize your dish. So, gather your ingredients, put on your apron, and let’s dive into the delightful world of Indonesian cuisine.

Ingredients: Resepi Pindang Ikan Tenggiri

Resepi Pindang Ikan Tenggiri is a dish that requires a variety of ingredients to create its unique and flavorful taste. Here is a comprehensive list of all the ingredients you will need:


  • 1 ekor ikan tenggiri (1.5-2 kg)
  • 4 siung bawang merah, iris tipis
  • 3 siung bawang putih, iris tipis
  • 3 buah cabai rawit merah, iris tipis
  • 1 buah cabai hijau besar, iris tipis
  • 1 sdt ketumbar bubuk
  • 1 sdt jintan bubuk
  • 1 sdt kunyit bubuk
  • 1 sdt asam jawa, larutkan dengan 100 ml air
  • 2 sdm kecap manis
  • 2 sdm minyak goreng
  • 1 liter air
  • Garam dan merica secukupnya

Step-by-Step Guide to Prepare “Resepi Pindang Ikan Tenggiri”

Otak resepi tenggiri ikan bahan2

Preparing “Resepi Pindang Ikan Tenggiri” involves a simple yet flavorful process. Follow these detailed steps to achieve the perfect balance of flavors in this Indonesian fish soup:

Simmering the Broth

Begin by heating oil in a large pot or Dutch oven over medium heat. Sauté the chopped shallots and garlic until fragrant. Add the turmeric, coriander, cumin, and chili peppers, stirring to combine. Gradually pour in the water and bring to a boil.

Reduce heat and simmer for 15-20 minutes, allowing the flavors to meld.

Adding the Fish

Once the broth is flavorful, gently add the fish fillets. Use a slotted spoon to submerge the fish and prevent it from breaking apart. Cook for 10-12 minutes, or until the fish is cooked through and flakes easily.

Finishing the Soup

To complete the soup, add the sliced tomatoes and green chilies. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Bring to a boil once more, then reduce heat and simmer for 5-7 minutes, or until the vegetables are tender.

Garnish and Serve

Remove the pot from heat and stir in the chopped cilantro. Serve the “Resepi Pindang Ikan Tenggiri” hot, accompanied by steamed rice or your preferred side dishes. Enjoy the aromatic and flavorful Indonesian fish soup!


Resepi pindang ikan tenggiri

Resepi Pindang Ikan Tenggiri has numerous variations, each with its unique flavor, texture, and appearance. These variations stem from regional and cultural influences, resulting in diverse culinary experiences.

One notable variation is the addition of different spices and herbs. Some recipes incorporate a blend of turmeric, cumin, coriander, and chili powder, while others use a simpler combination of salt and pepper. These variations significantly alter the flavor profile, with some dishes exhibiting a more pronounced spiciness or aromatic complexity.

Regional Variations

Regionally, Resepi Pindang Ikan Tenggiri also undergoes adaptations. In Sumatra, for instance, the dish often features a thick and flavorful broth due to the addition of coconut milk. In Java, the use of tamarind imparts a tangy sourness to the dish.

These regional variations reflect the diverse culinary traditions and preferences of Indonesia.

Serving Suggestions

Pindang Ikan Tenggiri is a flavorful and versatile dish that can be served in various ways to enhance its taste and presentation.

The following suggestions will guide you in serving Pindang Ikan Tenggiri to make it a memorable dining experience:

Side Dishes

Pindang Ikan Tenggiri pairs well with a variety of side dishes that complement its tangy and savory flavors. Consider serving it with:

  • Steamed rice: A classic accompaniment that absorbs the delicious broth of the pindang.
  • Fried tofu or tempeh: These crispy and protein-rich options add texture and flavor to the dish.
  • Stir-fried vegetables: A colorful and healthy addition, such as green beans, carrots, or bell peppers.
  • Sambal: A spicy condiment that adds a kick to the pindang, such as sambal terasi or sambal oelek.


To enhance the flavors of Pindang Ikan Tenggiri, consider adding accompaniments such as:

  • Lime wedges: Squeeze a bit of lime juice over the fish to brighten the flavors.
  • Crispy shallots: Sprinkle fried shallots on top for an extra layer of texture and aroma.
  • Coriander leaves: Garnish with fresh coriander leaves for a vibrant pop of color and freshness.


For an aesthetically pleasing presentation, consider the following:

  • Use a large serving bowl or platter to showcase the pindang.
  • Arrange the fish in the center and surround it with the side dishes and accompaniments.
  • Garnish with lime wedges, crispy shallots, and coriander leaves.

Tips and Tricks

Discover the secrets to elevate your “Resepi Pindang Ikan Tenggiri” to culinary excellence. From selecting the finest ingredients to mastering the cooking techniques, these tips and tricks will guide you toward a flavorful and unforgettable dish.

Choosing the Right Ingredients

The foundation of a great “Resepi Pindang Ikan Tenggiri” lies in the quality of its ingredients. Opt for fresh tenggiri fish with firm flesh and bright eyes. Use ripe tomatoes and fragrant shallots for a rich and aromatic base. Select aromatic spices such as turmeric, coriander, and cumin to enhance the depth of flavor.

Enhancing the Flavor

  • Marinate the fish:Before cooking, marinate the fish in a blend of spices and aromatics. This allows the flavors to penetrate deeply, resulting in a more flavorful dish.
  • Use a flavorful broth:The broth forms the backbone of the dish. Simmer the fish in a flavorful broth made from tamarind, tomatoes, and spices to infuse it with richness.
  • Add herbs and aromatics:Enhance the complexity of the dish by adding fresh herbs such as cilantro and basil. Incorporate aromatics like lemongrass and galangal for an extra burst of flavor.

Achieving the Desired Texture

  • Cook the fish gently:Overcooking can result in dry and tough fish. Simmer the fish gently in the broth until it flakes easily with a fork.
  • Use a wide cooking vessel:This allows the fish to cook evenly and prevents it from breaking apart.
  • Avoid overcrowding the pan:Overcrowding the pan can prevent the fish from cooking evenly and may result in steamed rather than simmered fish.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls, Resepi pindang ikan tenggiri

  • Overcrowding the pan:Overcrowding the pan can prevent the fish from cooking evenly and may result in steamed rather than simmered fish.
  • Using frozen fish:Frozen fish may not have the same flavor and texture as fresh fish.
  • Adding too much water:The broth should be flavorful but not watery. Adjust the amount of water gradually until you achieve the desired consistency.


  • Tenggiri fish:If tenggiri is unavailable, you can substitute it with other firm-fleshed fish such as mackerel or tuna.
  • Tamarind:If tamarind is not available, you can use lemon juice or vinegar as a souring agent.
  • Spices:Feel free to adjust the spices according to your taste preferences. Add more turmeric for a deeper color, or increase the amount of coriander for a more fragrant flavor.

Nutritional Information

Resepi Pindang Ikan Tenggiri is a dish rich in essential nutrients, providing a balanced combination of macronutrients and micronutrients. Let’s delve into its nutritional composition and explore the health benefits it offers.

The dish is a good source of protein, with the fish providing a significant amount of essential amino acids. These amino acids are crucial for muscle growth, repair, and overall bodily functions.

Macronutrient Composition

The macronutrient composition of Resepi Pindang Ikan Tenggiri is as follows:

Macronutrient Amount per Serving
Protein 25-30 grams
Carbohydrates 15-20 grams
Fat 10-15 grams

Micronutrient Composition

The dish also contains a variety of micronutrients, including:

  • Vitamin A: Supports vision, immune function, and skin health.
  • Vitamin C: Enhances immune function and promotes collagen production.
  • Iron: Essential for red blood cell production and oxygen transport.
  • Calcium: Crucial for bone health and muscle function.
  • Potassium: Helps regulate blood pressure and maintain electrolyte balance.

Health Benefits

Consuming Resepi Pindang Ikan Tenggiri offers several health benefits:

  • Supports heart health by providing omega-3 fatty acids, which can help reduce inflammation and lower cholesterol levels.
  • Promotes brain health due to the presence of essential amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids, which are crucial for cognitive function.
  • Strengthens bones and muscles due to its high protein and calcium content.
  • Boosts immunity with its abundance of vitamin C and other antioxidants.

Conclusive Thoughts

Congratulations on completing your culinary journey! By now, you should have a tantalizing ‘Resepi Pindang Ikan Tenggiri’ ready to savor. Whether you’re enjoying it as a comforting meal or sharing it with loved ones, we hope this guide has empowered you to create a dish that delights your senses.

Remember, cooking is an art form that allows for creativity and experimentation, so feel free to explore different flavors and techniques to make this recipe your own. Happy cooking, and until next time, may your culinary adventures be filled with joy and deliciousness!

Detailed FAQs

What is the significance of using fresh ingredients in ‘Resepi Pindang Ikan Tenggiri’?

Fresh ingredients bring out the natural flavors and nutrients of the dish, resulting in a more vibrant and authentic taste experience.

Can I substitute other types of fish for ‘ikan tenggiri’ in this recipe?

Yes, you can use firm-fleshed fish like salmon, cod, or snapper as alternatives to ‘ikan tenggiri.’ However, the flavor and texture may vary slightly.

How do I store leftovers of ‘Resepi Pindang Ikan Tenggiri’?

Store leftovers in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Reheat gently before serving.